Meeting Participation Request

At convocation date attendees can request to participate. These requests will go into a pending state.

Local Account

If you do not wish to use a social account, such as Google, you can create a local account within LumiAGM.

Pending Participation Request

The meeting request information has been entered but not checked with the issuer. Check back after the record date.

Approved Participation Request

You will not be able to amend the request after approval, fields will turn read-only and the form becomes your attendance card.

Attend the Meeting

Your meeting participation request form becomes your attendance card.

Appoint Chairperson

If you click Appoint Chairman, your votes will automatically be cast as discretionary in your voting card.

Nominate a Proxy

A proxy is someone who votes on your behalf. Pre-defined or board appointed proxy's will appear automatically in the drop down list but you can...

Direct Vote

Direct Vote means to cast a vote before the meeting.

Do not wish to participate

Do not wish to participate acts as a reset option if you have previously indicated another participation type or instruction on resolutions.

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